Creature Comforts

I am a student of humans.  Also of a few kinds of animals.   Dogs, cats, snakes, and horses at the top of the list.  Also porpoises, who I have discovered see themselves as our brothers, have a consciousness connection with us and try to help when they can.  That may be a later post. . . .

In my on-going study of humans I have noticed that things stick to us.  Or, what is likely closer to the truth, we put stuff in them and then we can’t seem to let them go.  Because now they have meaning.  I, for example, have a drawer of pens that have meaning.

No one gets to use them.  They have gone from being the messengers of thoughts to holding my thoughts of them.  We are in a relationship.  Completely one-sided.

If you are a human observing my one-sided relationship, essentially keeping pens from being pens, you will at the least overlook it.  You may even see it as being not all that strange.  Because lots of us, and maybe all, do this.

I point this out so that what we choose to have sticking to us, and we are going to do it, is done with our eyes open.  Then we are in the position to know what we have invested our energy in and see what has crossed from creating comfort to weighing us down.  And then we are free to let go.

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