What if you were told a discarnate entity is siphoning energy from you?

Or that an extraterrestrial has taken up residence in your energy field?

Or that the anger and despair isn’t coming from you but from a dark being milking your emotions to feed its network?

Or that you are missing a piece of your heart?

Would you believe it?

A surprising number of people have become hosts for unseen beings that burrow into their energy body. Embedded in levels of awareness that are too deep to notice, these intruders drain energy, create interference and confusion, disrupt lives. Many are lost souls; some are entities with harmful intent.

Come peel back the thin layer that separates what we know for sure and the wider world of spirit, and you may do more than enjoy the ride-you may encounter a new way to heal.

History of the Development of the Clearing Process

Humans are beings with multi-levels. We are physical, mental, emotional, spiritual. And all of these parts of ourselves interact. What we are not is some kind of building with separate floors stacked on top each other—our levels inter-connect and interact in ways the levels of a structure of brick and mortar never can. When we look for solutions and remedies for what is not right with us, the source of the matter may well be at an entirely different level than where we are experiencing it. When healing is attempted only at the level where the disruption occurs, it may stubbornly return. Or worse yet, not respond to treatment.

As therapists have searched for ways to find resolutions to just these situations, they have stumbled on this interplay of not only body and mind, but also of spirit. And, in response, developed extraordinary healing techniques that are admittedly beyond the spectrum of traditional methods. Among them, Morris Netherton, Ph.D has done breakthrough work in past life regression. Edith Fiore, PhD. while using past life regression techniques discovered what Carl Wickland, MD. found in his therapeutic practice in the 1920’s—entity attachments. Entity release then became the main focus of her practice. William Baldwin, Ph.D and Rev. Judith Baldwin expanded on this work, making a wide range of interventions now available.

What Clearings Can Address

A clearing session can address earlier memories that occured in childhood, the womb, or in past lives, earthbound entities that may be attached to you, retrieve soul fragments dispel dark force entities, and resolve conflict and trauma from past lives.