I had two wonderful sessions with Maureen. One was past life regression and the other was a life between lives. Both were incredibly profound for my journey. I can’t thank her enough.

Erin B.

I was a little apprehensive about having a Past Life Regression session, but I was desperate for anything that might help.  In the midst of my hope and commitment, I had many doubts. Was I too tangled to be hypnotized? What if some unsavory things came up that I couldn’t handle on my own? Would I be adding more baggage to my already heavy load? To give you some perspective, in the course of one year I had moved across the country, my fiancé had dumped me, I was diagnosed with depression, and I had uncontrolled migraines. I knew I needed support. I had been in therapy for nine months, and had done acupuncture, massage, and chiropractic to try to remedy my physical pain, fatigue and tension. I changed my diet, got a bike, and reached out socially. I mean I did everything I could, but still I didn’t feel better even when I had gained perspective or social support. Things radically shifted with Maureen. In just two hours I got to the source of my pain and suffering. My headache lifted, and I felt physically and mentally lighter. I got clarity on some hunches and clues that my body and spirit had been giving me since I was a child.  Furthermore, writing this two weeks later, I am still gaining insights into my identity, my relationships, my purpose, and my health. Could it have been outward entities or inner imaginings that were voicing themselves?  It really doesn’t matter the source because these things that were lifted were holding me back in very real ways. This paradigm that includes so much safety, dignity, honor and support indeed is one that would be useful to anyone.  This is without doubt the best investment I have ever made, and encourage anyone who is on the fence to suspend disbelief if even for two hours to find out for yourself.

S.J.J., M.A. yrs.

One session with Maureen Smith had me feeling like a load was taken off of my shoulders! She is incredibly professional and provides a safe environment that can allow anyone to feel the benefits of hypnosis. Whether it is your first time experiencing this healing realm or if you are a veteran, Maureen is a great source of information and energy.

Satya Davidson
Presidential Director of Visalus Sciences

Thank you Maureen! Maureen J. Smith has been a grace in my practice. Her work has transformed dozens of my clients lives. She guides a process that is supported immensely with light and wellbeing. Working with her, my clients experience palpable safety and emotional as well as physical relief. Maureen works remotely with my clients in their own chosen location free from distraction. I am able to pre-test and post-test their physical presentations and it is remarkable what transpires after someone has had a clearing. Her work has helped dozens of my clients move past obstacles which limited their ideas about what the future could be for them. She has expertly guided clients to peel back non-truths and open freedom by clearing their field facilitating the force that renews their body to flow. Clients comment repeatedly on her kindness through the process. Raising consciousness is pivotal in the world today and Maureen has helped my clients see that an unconsidered form of change is possible. I am grateful for our collaboration and and further empowered by this paradigm revelation in my practice. Maureen has become one of my go-to resources when I know the issue is beyond the body alone.

Jodie Hunt P.T.

Maureen is a facilitator and a witness. She holds you with the sound of her voice and provides a safe place for you to explore internally who you are, have been, and will become. My work with her provided context to aspects of my soul that I had not previously understood.

Stephen Donnelly

I found my experience with Maureen to be both deeply insightful and yet very gentle. She has a way of guiding you through the process of deep self discovery that allows for a natural unfolding of the truth in a safe, secure environment. I found her work to be profound and very satisfying.

Thank you Maureen! 

Nikki Anderson, MA, CPCC

Maureen has a natural ability to read a person’s energy field and communicate what she sees in a way that is very helpful. She is kind and thoughtful in her way of relating. I have enjoyed sessions with her, have received many invaluable insights, and I highly recommend her.

Paige Wheeler

Unlike a mechanic repairing your car, healing is a cooperation between therapist and client. You, the client do the work and your therapist is the facilitator, providing the environment that makes true healing possible. In this facilitating job is where Maureen really shines. She helps you to explore what the real issue is, she provides the safe space to face what is there, sometimes you even didn’t know that this issue existed at all. She is very flexible and adapts her support to what you need in the very moment. To be able to do that is beyond skill, this is a true art. Maureen is an artist in helping you clear away whatever it is that holds back the unfolding of your full potential, nothing less.

Paulus Zegwaard
Software Engineer

Maureen does amazing work. I had been feeling overwhelmed at work quite often. She came to my office and did a space clearing in which she observed the spirits that were there. Communicating with them, as well as asking me to describe the kind of energy I wanted to create in my space, she essentially mediated an agreement with the spirits and I. She let me know there were helpers that wanted to assist me in particular ways. My work environment has felt harmonious and energized ever since. Maureen excels at active listening and has a wonderful ability to put one at ease as she goes to work, delivering remarkable results. Thanks Maureen!

Christine Friel, L.Ac.
Doctor of Acupuncture

Maureen Smith’s skill in facilitating a deeply profound experience of spirit releasement and space clearing is amazing and powerful. She combines a gentle guiding presence with a thorough knowledge of subconsious process to bring about life-changing shifts at levels that can be hard to address through other modes of healing.

Beatrice Chestnut, MFT

We had opened our office in an old building in downtown San Francisco which was converted from being a residential property. Right away strange things started happening. Doors would open by themselves, strange noises could be heard, motion sensors would go off when the room was empty. This was top secret. No one was to discuss the fact that “something” shared the office with us for fear that it would scare away our patients. We had hired a new receptionist when one day I had to leave her alone in the office for a few hours. When I returned, she yelled, “This place is haunted!” It was obvious this was not in our imagination. Something we could not explain was going on.

Maureen had come to our office as a patient and had absolutely no knowledge of the unexplained activities that we were dealing with. One day after adjusting her, I put her on a treatment table in a room by herself under an infrared lamp. When I returned, she stated, “You have spirits here which are stuck and have not moved on into the light.” I almost dropped her file I was so shocked that she could tell that we had this problem. When Maureen offered to clear the spirits for me, I readily agreed. After her clearing we had no more unexplained occurrences in our office. I stopped being afraid that something was here with us. Maureen had made a positive change in our office. I can’t explain what she does, or how she does it, but she is in tune with things that I am not, and did not even believe in until this incident. We are eternally grateful to her and have now been in this location for six years.

Lonna Denny, D.C.
Doctor of Chiropractic

A good night’s sleep is often difficult to come by for me.  I am doing much better now after having a “clearing” of my bedroom by Maureen.  I’m very sensitive to the energy around me and thought there might be some kind of weird energy in my bedroom, especially since I was visited by phantom scents that had no explanation.  This is no longer the case.  I am now sleeping much better.  Most nights I drop off to sleep right away and sleep soundly without waking.  It’s great–and no more phantom scents!

Marianne Smith, CMT