Dark Force Entities

A dark force entity is a soul that has never been alive in a body. It lives in the realm of spirit, as do what are often called angels. A dark force entity lives under the illusion that the Light will destroy it and avoids light at all costs. A dark force entity is under the control of other, more powerful dark force entities and is given assignments to collect the energies produced from negative emotions. The assignments involve attaching itself to a human or an organization and planting and encouraging negative thoughts and feelings in order for the one it has invaded to produce the energy the dark force entity has been assigned to collect. Dark force entities also goad their victims to perform destructive acts. Some are assigned to interfere with people doing work that will advance their most feared enemy, the Light.

In a Clearing session, reclaiming a dark force entity is the work of the angels, with assistance from the humans involved in the session.

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