Cancer and Forgiveness

Three years ago, cancer came into my life in a very direct way with my own experience of melanoma, and that has led to the development of Raising the Consciousness of Cancer Cells. Work that I now do with clients to bring light and hope to their own experience with cancer.

What I have learned in these three years, and is of critical importance to understand, is that cancer develops when we harbor anger and unforgiveness. Without releasing the anger, without forgiving, we have not freed ourselves from cancer’s underlying cause.

If you are now thinking that it isn’t possible for emotions to have such a powerful effect on our bodies, just humor me. Check to see if you notice anger lingering somewhere within you. Ask it where it came from. Forgive the one who caused it. Forgive yourself as well. See how you feel. It’s perfectly fine with me if you find it hard to believe that you have made a huge contribution to your well being. I, for one, will sleep better at night knowing that you have.

Earthbound Entities

An earthbound entity is a soul that has been alive in its own body, has died and is now floating, bodiless, near the earth. When it is a human who has died and ends up lost here near the earth rather than making its way home into the Light, it is often referred to as a ghost.

An earthbound entity can attach to someone who is living and will not only draw energy from their host, it will try to continue living through them. This creates confusion for the one the earthbound entity has attached to as the thoughts, feelings, desires and perspective of the earthbound entity become mingled with their own.

I have found earthbound entities from many categories: human, animal, members of the woodland/nature communities, plants, stones, extraterrestrials.

When an earthbound entity is discovered in a Clearing session, it is assisted to complete its transition into the Light.

Earlier Memories

Unresolved events that occured in childhood, the womb, or past lives can create a “bleed through” effect for a client, causing them to carry the hurt, anger, and fear from that earlier time into their present life. In a Clearing session, these often un-remembered events can be safely revisited in order to be brought to resolution and released.

Soul Fragments

Soul retrieval, shamanism, is an ancient practice enjoying a revival in alternative therapy circles today. In shamanism’s original form, such as the Andean tradition, shamans are healers who serve their community in many ways. One of the healing methods they employ is to “travel” in a dream state to locate and recover the lost soul fragments of their patients. The shaman then returns them to their owners and in this way, restores them to wholeness.

In a Clearing session, we may discover that parts of the soul have fragmented and are now missing, leaving one with the feeling that in some way, they are no longer whole. This fragmentation could be the result of a traumatic event. Another possibility is a shattering of the whole as a consequence of an intense experience that is ecstatically wonderful, but too much energy for the consciousness to hold.
We may also notice parts of others have become attached, or a client may have implanted a fragment of their soul in someone else. In all of these instances, soul fragment retrieval, a form of shamanism will be carried out.

Soul fragment retrieval differs from the traditional practice of shamanism in that the client is an active participant in the process. They are assisted to notice what is missing within them. Then lost fragments are called back and, with the help of the angels, returned and reunited. In the same way, soul fragments of others that have attached to the client will be carried back to the one they belong to.

Watch Yourself

This is a refresher/reset exercise that you might enjoy on one of those days when you’re feeling stuck in ordinariness.

Imagine yourself as a commentator. The way commentating is done at performances and sports events, only you are the focus. You are watching every small, ordinary thing you do. Injecting excitement and admiration in the commentary you give yourself. Use the third person when you do this because you are watching you, not being you. Be generous with your approval.

Keep going until you feel that shift and ordinary, the way you do it, becomes extraordinary.