String of Lights

Now, in the twenty-first century, we are so familiar with the qualities of electricity that we play with it.  We have learned, among other fascinating things, to make strings of lights for stretching out and wrapping around and decorating.

With this acceptance of electricity’s ability, this belief that energy can work this way under our belts,  we can reach just a bit further and see the possibility of stringing our own lights in our own way of playing.  A connecting game we can fire up and play any time we choose.  It goes like this:

  • Imagine, pretend, or make believe you can, just by following your breath, travel in to your very center to see the spark of light that resides there.
  • Beginning to play, image its shape, color, intensity.
  • Imagine your light charging up, brightening, dancing even.
  • Notice that you can “see” with your inner eyes the spark of someone you would like to connect with.
  • Send out a filament of light to that spark, the first in the string you are making.
  • Imagine that you send out through the filament the invitation for that spark to send out its own filament of light to one that it would like to connect with, beginning to build the chain.
  • With the momentum that builds, there will be more invitations and connections and light flowing in all directions in the filaments so that the string may form interconnected patterns of lights spreading out all around.
  • Enjoy!

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