Score Cards

I’m imagining an ET dropping by to check out what’s going on here on earth.  What humans are all about.  It notices that humans are amazingly playful.  Is astounded by the hundreds of forms of play humans have created.  Notices that there are these things humans refer to as games, with most of them having an element that seems to fire humans up; competition.  They conclude that two components of human structure are playfulness and competitiveness.  I’d have to agree with that ET. Playfulness and competitiveness must be in our DNA.

I’m all for embracing what comes from enjoying these elements of our human-ness.  And I see where it can get in our way.  Especially in something that is not so obvious to folks in a search for their reason for being here on earth: we can compete with ourselves, keeping our focus on being a winner or a loser in our own life game.  And so this is an invitation to check in on that inner score card that, face it, we all have.  Because what really matters is not whether or not we have an identifiable calling.  What matters is whether we are letting our souls participate in the every day choices and actions that will, often without our notice, keep us on course.  Then, in the being and the doing, we may at some point recognize what our soul has been up to all along.

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