Recently, I got the chance to hang out for a few days with an old friend on her Ohio farm.  She has stayed true to the salt of the earth traditions we both grew up with while I have winged off into less charted territory.  At breakfast one morning, Barb, curious to know how far I had flung, asked me how I see healing.  My description looked something like this:

Stored away within us is a blueprint of a perfectly functioning body.  More than a blueprint, it is how our physical presence strives to be.  When it is provided with the raw materials to create that highest form of itself, it will do just that.  The best raw material is energy of the highest, purest frequencies.  When it is given the choice, the body will be drawn to the highest energies available.

In healing, the one offering the healing holds the highest level of consciousness it can access in their awareness and at the same time, holds the one who is asking for healing in their awareness as well.  Then, the one asking for healing has a resource for their body to draw on, in creating the highest form of itself.  And can then shift from dis-ease into ease, perfect being.”

“Oh,” she says, “like praying.”

“Yeah,” I say, “like praying.”

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