Making Room

If we want stupidly wonderful things to find their way to us, and who wouldn’t want a lift out of the lists and projects and do or die stuff that many of us find occupying the hours of our day, we have to make room for them.  By widening the angle so there’s space in our everyday perception for what otherwise would seem of such lesser importance that we would not notice it at all.  Then, letting what is stupidly wonderful and almost overlooked become our centerpiece.  I have an example:

I’m driving to an appointment that was scheduled weeks in advance and I absolutely cannot afford to miss, on a route that I have timed down to the last ten minutes.  With an extra fifteen minutes built into the travel time.

I run into the worst traffic snarl I’ve ever encountered.  I can see cars stacked up in front of me for miles.  We are crawling from one red light to another.  We are going to get where we need to be long after we need to be there.  I’m going to be there long after I need to be there.  

And on the radio comes Bolero.  Sinuous, hypnotic, floating above the cars in front of me and beside me and in back of me.  It comes to me that I get to listen to Bolero from beginning to end in the middle of a frantically busy day, guilt free.  Stupidly wonderful!

I could have completely missed out if I had continued to count the minutes passing, not taking note of the music in the background. All that was needed was to widen the angle and make room.

Imagine what might be waiting for you, just as soon as you allow for making room.

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