Love What You Do

When it comes to life choices, I truly am in the do what you love camp.  I’m also in the get real camp.  First, because I haven’t found actually getting to do what you love to be an overnight thing.  Second, because doing what you love doesn’t mean that you’ll love everything you’re doing.  You might find parts of doing what you love distinctly unappealing.

What can always happen, regardless of whether or not we’ve grabbed that magical brass ring and live a life that features doing what we love, is to fully engage in the moments, be they ever so small, when we love what we’re doing.  These seemingly insignificant acts will be life changing.  Because:

  • You will enjoy the feeling of loving what you’re doing and you will look for more ways to get that feeling.
  • The more moments spent in loving what you’re doing will result in fewer and fewer moments spent focusing on not loving your circumstances.
  • You will become in charge of how you feel and so, how you live.
  • You will know what really makes the difference in the quality of your life is how you choose to live, not what you choose to do.

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