There’s a commercial that’s been running pretty regularly on TV featuring people who have been blindfolded and taken into a horrendously filthy house and plunked down on furniture that most dogs would refuse to sit in.  The deal is that an air freshener has been sprayed in the air before they are led in.  They’re asked to comment on how the place smells.

Wonderful, of course. It hasn’t convinced me that the stuff really works.  Only fresh air smells like fresh air.  It did get me thinking about what a great job the makers of the commercials did at creating an environment.  Purely disgusting-looking, yet perceived as lovely by the actors they hired to look fooled.

If the way things look can create an environment, if the way things smell does as well, how about the way things feel?  How about the way people feel?  How about if we can set up an environment with what’s going on inside us?  So that if we choose a specific thought/feeling/energy and clearly hold it, it can radiate out about us and be noticed as readily as that room spray.

I believe this is so.  I invite you to try it, play with it, indulge in choosing the highest and finest state of being that you can.  Then see what happens around you.


  1. I have found this so true in my life. My thoughts and words create my experience. Thanks for the reminder.

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