Here’s something that could be helpful if you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t feeling bad enough to see a doc, and at the same time your belly is not very happy:

Settle in and set up some light around you, starting with the point of light in your center and then letting it bloom out to a comfortable volume.  Focus your attention on your stomach, then:

  • Thank it for its service to you
  • Express your love for it
  • Ask it what it needs
  • Sit and wait as long as it takes for a thought to drop in
  • Thank it
  • Tell it what you are going to do in response to its expression of what it needs

It might only want some peppermint or ginger or acidophilis, or a little yogurt.  It might point out to you that what you think isn’t such a big deal actually is.  In which case, get to the emergency room.

This conversation with your body part works with all your other body parts as well.  You’ll be amazed by the answers you get.

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