The atmosphere in a space goes beyond lighting, furniture, the color on the walls. It can have a direct effect on our energy level, our sense of well-being, even our feeling of safety.

While the systems used in Feng Sheui are meant to improve the potential energy of a space, the clearing work I do results in immediately shifting the energy of the space. I don’t use incense, chants, temple bells, although these are all useful tools to influence the energy of a space. Rather, I work with beings of the angelic communities to clear the space and set new energies.

What happens in a Space Clearing

A space clearing has two components. First, connecting with the interference in the building and using an entity release process to guide whatever is discovered out of the space. Once all interference has been cleared, the second phase begins: The building is cleaned of all remaining energetic residue, and new energy is established according to the request of the client.

All of this work is done with the assistance of angelic beings who offer to be of service. They guide the lost souls to their home in the light and clean the space of any remaining residue. Some act as anchors to hold the new energies in place, some guard the entrance, some work within the space to support the occupants.

A space clearing usually takes one hour, and includes an oral description of what occurred during the clearing.

A written report is also provided, describing the work that was done and including a diagram of the changes made in the property.

The fee for a space clearing of one building or unit is $200, with an additional $25 for travel outside of Kingston, NY.