All of our life experiences are stored at the deeper levels of our consciousness, where there are no time boundaries. So that events in past lives are just as accessible as memories from the current life.

When there is unfinished business stored in these memories, unresolved conflict, passing from the life with regret or pain or confusion, these past life issues can have a direct effect on our current life. Past life regression therapy makes it possible for the key events to be re-visited and the issue cleared.

Past life regression therapy is often an element of a clearing session. Areas where the client’s energy is disrupted are noted as the client scans the energy in their body at the beginning of the session. If there is an unresolved past life, it will appear as one of these disruptions. This then acts as a doorway and a past life regression therapy session will proceed.

Past life regression sessions are often expected to be an experience similar to viewing a movie, filled with details of the place, the time, the people, the emotions, the events.  However, recalling a past life is not only an experience that is unique to each individual, it is a skill that, like any other, develops with practice.

For most people, it is likely that the first venture into past life regression will contain the elements that carry the emotions of that time without a great deal of detail.   In later sessions, and we all have many lives to be explored, the recall will be more complete. Whether the lifetime explored in a session is one with a few elements recalled, or one where the lifetime seems very complete, the key factors that can lead to a resolution of issues from that lifetime will most likely be experienced.

In-person sessions are held in Kingston, New York in the beautiful Hudson Valley minutes from the New York Thruway.  Telephone, Zoom, and Skype sessions are also available.  Your session is recorded digitally and sent to you via